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David Bowie- Pic by Jimmy King

Even a year after his death, David Bowie doesn’t cease to amaze us. In the day of what would have been the white duke’s 70’s birthday, we got a 4 track EP and a video for the single “No Plan”.

The songs where recorded as part as the soundtrack for the musical Lazarus and features the track with the same name, “No Plan”. The other tracks are called “Killing a Little Time” and “When I met You.” It has strong jazz and post-rock influences featuring Bowie in a crooner role.  The compositions continue with the dark and ghostly atmospheres from Blackstar and when listening it’s impossible not to think that he might be talking to us from the other side.

The video, directed by Tom Hingston, features the store front of an old Electrical shop full of TV’s with static on their screens, as the song starts the TV’s start showing the song lyrics and a people start gathering around.


Listen to No Plan EP!

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