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Maia Del Estal

Maia del Estal brings us a selection of her latest work, created in her recent visits to the city of Miami (2015-2017). She uses alternative or recycled material for her art, including large cardboard boxes (she leaves all markings on the boxes visible, incorporated into her work) and even old doors. This creates a strong ethic and moral purpose to each piece, highlighted by a spontaneous and surefooted approach to what Maia calls “the substance”, the reason for her artistic journey or search.

In a city so accustomed to having art and design associated with luxury and opulence Maia reminds us with her work that even humble materials can manifest into their full magnitude with a simple gesture. Aligned in an expressive abstraction, she shows us that the plastic matter around us can reach a state of beauty and strength in its own self, regardless of the value of the original materials used.

This exhibition is the first presentation in Miami for Maia del Estal (23), and will be her own version of a calling card for the Miami art scene. Based in Buenos Aires (Argentina) this presentation will be the fourth time she presents her work in a formal setting.


Special Opening – Fri 17 Feb 6pm to 10pm.
Brunch Showing –  Sat 18 Feb 11am to 3pm.
The Collective, 3412 NW 7 Av, Miami Fl 33127.

Maia del Estal _The Collective

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