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Slow Down

Slows Down is the musical pseudonym of British Berlin-based DIY solo artist and multi-instrumentalist Alexander Hawthorne. Recorded in isolation in his Berlin studio, the self-released EP 3 presents a condensation of Slows Down’s disparate styles and atmospheres, from choral chamber music, to blissed-out surf, to soupy psychedelic rock, to frazzled noise pop.

Besides a few guest performances, Hawthorne played all of the instruments on the recordings, including organ, dulcimer, drums, guitars, tanpura, glockenspiel, synthesizer and more. With a focus on rich and diverse tonality and texture, the music remains melodically spare and plays out in deconstructed pop structures, like post-rock that has been pulled back into traditional song formats.

Today we share with you our favorite track off the EP “On and On.” The single is a perfect combination of eclectic guitars, dramatic synths and with sweet and dreamy vocals. ‚Äč

You can stream the full EP on Bandcamp

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