Zeitgeist - "Thantos"

You remember that time you asked your math teacher the question “when am I ever going to use this math in real life?”. Well, the answer I have for you is now. To avoid your head exploding while listening to Zeitgeist’s new track, “Thantos.” It is some kind of hybrid between jazz and djent (for those...
MM3 - "No One's Fault But Mine"

Heavy, nostalgic and with atmospheric guitars, “No One’s Fault But Mine” is the latest single by MM3. Their music combines the best of the alternative, grunge and metal worlds. MM3 is a power trio based in Groveland, Massachusetts, formed by Mike Meagher ( guitarist/singer/songwriter) Al Ruggeri (drums) and David Morse (bass). According to the band, their...
The Outside - "When Leaders Fall"

If you’re looking for a good dose of Thrash metal, this is it! The Outside plays a very european style of Thrash metal, along the lines of Kreator. The song When Leaders Fall is a fast, easy to follow track, with an epic style chorus. It is their first release since they put out their last...