EONS - "Make up Sex"

Miami based synth-pop band is back this Valentine’s Day with their single “Make up Sex,” an electro-pop balad reminiscent to The 1975 and St. Lucia. This is the second song that the band releases featuring new singer Ariel Morer, who teamed up with founding members Johnny D. and Matty G. The song follows the lines...
The Visions - "Oceans"

Oceans is really driven by the MPC and the percussion of the synth chords. Together they create this tension and release that feels like waves, or currents. Hence, “Oceans.” The Visions are brothers Ben and Michael Shugarman and longtime friend Ryan Brooks. They write, produce, record, and perform all of their music. Their sound lives...
Daniel Wilson - “Give You Away”

“Give You Away” has everything you want to hear in an R&B/soul kind of track. Great production and good lyrics make for a song you end up singing along even if you don’t want to. Daniel Wilson is a Michigan based artist/producer, and sings about life, love, loss, mortality, and religion is his latest EP...