PRIYYA - "Golden Child"

~ You’re an expat in a faraway land, lonely and thirsty… You’re walking down dark streets when you stumble upon a small red wooden door wedged into a mountainside. You step in, layers of hanging silk brush your face as you make your way through the entrance hallway, cigarette and incense smoke filling your lungs....
SMHERTZ - “Il coraggio”

“Il Coraggio” is a wholesome fusion of soul and electronica — a lush landscape of organic textures, dreamy female vocals, and bursting rhythms that evokes the likes of early Four Tet and Bonobo. This contemporary staple of instrumentalism meets sound design is by the U.K based electronic artist SMHERTZ (Giuseppe Caiazzo) and is the first...
Akello G. Light - "Daily Magic"

When you get to the corner where hip-hop and trip-hop meet, you’ll find Akello G. Light‘s “Daily Magic”.  The track is short and sweet, with a great vibe mounting from a beat that is almost house music, with a trip-hop chorus separated by hip-hop verses. These last verses have a tinge of old school West Coast,...